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Saturday, September 02, 2006

Florence - My Favorite City

Florence is my favorite city in Italy, and in fact in the world. I've probably visited 100 medium and large cities outside the U.S. For me, Florence has everything:
  • Walk to everything in a 20 minute radius of the city center
  • Fantastic food (of course avoid the tourist traps)
  • People are genuinely friendly
  • Enough English spoken in the city for travelers
  • Museums galore
  • Best Renaissance art in the world - painting, sculpture, architecture
  • Plenty of churches filled with wonderful art
  • Easy quick busses to the surrounding hills with magnificent views
  • Great shopping, especially leather, gold, shoes, & clothing
  • Reasonabe prices
  • Worldwide travelers you can meet
  • Pretty Italian women, and I assume for women, Italian guys

So what don't I like?

Since Florence is so wonderful, over the years it has become a prime tourist destination. I don't like seeing the occasional mobs of people from the tour busses during the day. But, I'm from New York, so tourists don't really bother me that much.


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